April 23, 2012

Sports Gear Gift Ideas

Basketball hoop via Curiouskiwi on Flickr
Photo credit:  Curiouskiwi on Flickr.com
If you have a sports fanatic, an active teen or a family member who wants to get in shape in your life and you need to come up with a holiday or birthday gift he will love, sports equipment can be an ideal choice. There are several ideas that they might love to receive, from basketball hoops to baseball mitts, and considering some popular options might help you pick the perfect gift for your friend or loved one. The following ideas are broken down by types of activities, so that you can match up possibilities to your recipient’s favorite pastimes.

For the girl or guy who loves to shoot hoops, how about a hoop? You can find a variety of basketball hoops for sale, including portable ones that they can move from the backyard to the street or mountable basketball hoops that they can install above the garage door. Other gifts for basketball players include basketballs, sports bottles or shorts and jerseys in the colors of their favorite pro team.

Toss a new ball and mitt to a baseball player for a gift that will get some good use. Throw in a wood or aluminum bat, depending on her preference, and your recipient will be good to go. If you want to help your favorite ball player get in some practice, consider a pitching machine. Similar to portable basketball hoops, these can be moved around from the backyard to the street or the park nearby. Ball caps and jerseys are popular as well.

For the tennis player in your life, rackets and balls are a sure bet. There are other, more creative options available as well. For example, a membership to a nearby country club that boasts the best courts in town would surely be appreciated, as would some one-on-one lessons with a local tennis pro.

When shopping for sports gear gifts, the best thing to do is consider what your recipient enjoys doing or wishes he could do. Then, find a gift that will help him achieve his goals.

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